Exploring Downtown Kota Kinabalu on Foot

Far-flung places, exotic destinations, and “safe” cities¬†are what you would often see on the bucket lists of many would-be travelers. And if you chance upon typical Filipino globe trekkers, you’ll be sure to spot Paris, Maldives, and NYC on their respective lists. I was 22 when I first met myself on the streets of Kota Kinabalu (KK), just 2 weeks prior to my birthday celebration as it was graced with cheesecakes, travel magazines, and hiking equipment for my 23rd birthday. Most Filipinos I know barely wish to travel to Malaysia, or to Southeast Asia in general. They always desire to kiss France’s concrete floors or take photographs with Japan’s exquisitely-dressed geishas. – Continue reading.>


Travel Literature as Antidote to Travel Burnout

Although many travelers come back home feeling recharged after a week-long escapade in the jungles or in a far-flung mountain, many others retreat into their inner shells feeling drained and exhausted. Travelers must be kind to themselves, no matter which category they may fall in. Long journeys are not always a form of pampering nor are they always marvelously energizing. Often, adventures lead to wonderful stories, exhilarating feelings, and artistic outputs. And that is good!  Continue reading.