Exploring Downtown Kota Kinabalu on Foot

Far-flung places, exotic destinations, and “safe” cities are what you would often see on the bucket lists of many would-be travelers. And if you chance upon typical Filipino globe trekkers, you’ll be sure to spot Paris, Maldives, and NYC on their respective lists. I was 22 when I first met myself on the streets of Kota Kinabalu (KK), just 2 weeks prior to my birthday celebration as it was graced with cheesecakes, travel magazines, and hiking equipment for my 23rd birthday. Most Filipinos I know barely wish to travel to Malaysia, or to Southeast Asia in general. They always desire to kiss France’s concrete floors or take photographs with Japan’s exquisitely-dressed geishas. – Continue reading.>


My 15 Imaginary Lives

Ten weeks ago, I stumbled upon The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, a book that encourages people to make art and discover their inner creativity. To Cameron, everyone of us is an artist, and we are responsible to nurture that artist so we can create the ideal world that we envision. For 12 weeks, we are to do ten tasks each week to explore the playful child in us. One of the tasks requires that we list 15 imaginary lives. If we just allow ourselves to imagine, if we just allow our minds to wander, what kinds of lives would we want to live?  Continue reading.

Wandering Solo Around Bangkok, Thailand (Chatuchak and Street Stalls)

(As mentioned in the first blog post, the author went on a solitary Yuletide trip in December 2013 to Thailand and Cambodia for more than two weeks. In a series of blog posts, he shall recount his travel experiences as a first-time solo backpacker at the young age of 22.) 


After months of convincing my loved ones that I’d be all right when I traveled on my own, I found myself traipsing vigilantly in the Suvarnabhumi (pronounced as soo-wah-na-poom) International Airport in Bangkok just minutes before midnight. I was filled with enthusiasm, until my roaming subscription did not work and I was worried that my parents were worried about me. I was also afraid that my Bangkok-residing Filipino friend (Guill), who promised to host me while I was in Thailand, would not be around to fetch me. He would be returning to the Philippines three days later as I explored Bangkok on my own. Continue reading