Life Goals for 2017, A Collage

Authorities on positive psychology, leadership, and management argue that visualizing our dreams could powerfully impact the fulfillment of such dreams by teaching us to focus on what we want to achieve and by changing our inner monologues so that we actually start the dirty work to make our aspirations come true. To be a writer, one must write, for nobody becomes a writer by not writing. Visualization will remind us of our goals so that we’ll always think about them, so that we’ll always do something to be a kilometer or an inch closer to them. Continue reading.


My 15 Imaginary Lives

Ten weeks ago, I stumbled upon The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, a book that encourages people to make art and discover their inner creativity. To Cameron, everyone of us is an artist, and we are responsible to nurture that artist so we can create the ideal world that we envision. For 12 weeks, we are to do ten tasks each week to explore the playful child in us. One of the tasks requires that we list 15 imaginary lives. If we just allow ourselves to imagine, if we just allow our minds to wander, what kinds of lives would we want to live?  Continue reading.