Wandering Solo Around Bangkok, Thailand (Chatuchak and Street Stalls)

(As mentioned in the first blog post, the author went on a solitary Yuletide trip in December 2013 to Thailand and Cambodia for more than two weeks. In a series of blog posts, he shall recount his travel experiences as a first-time solo backpacker at the young age of 22.) 


After months of convincing my loved ones that I’d be all right when I traveled on my own, I found myself traipsing vigilantly in the Suvarnabhumi (pronounced as soo-wah-na-poom)¬†International Airport in Bangkok just minutes before midnight. I was filled with enthusiasm, until my roaming subscription did not work and I was worried that my parents were worried about me. I was also afraid that my Bangkok-residing Filipino friend (Guill), who promised to host me while I was in Thailand, would not be around to fetch me. He would be returning to the Philippines three days later as I explored Bangkok on my own. Continue reading